Training Development

The Company has always been committed to creating a tolerant, equal, trustworthy and collaborative work environment, and providing employees with a stage for displaying their talents; Furthermore, Holpe has been devoted to strengthening personnel training and introduction to provide talent support for the future development, establishing a positive incentive and competitive mechanism, steadily implementing the established personnel training and introduction plan by balancing the pace between enterprise development and talent introduction through reasonable measures, and form a favorable talent team and reserve within the Company.  Meanwhile, the Company strengthens effort in establishing a healthy competition mechanism to create a management team that accommodates the future development of Holpe.  We are firmly under the belief that the development of our business is bound up with the growth of our employees. Our success will not last long unless we create a learning-based Holpe in which everyone continues to learn and brings forth new ideas.

  • New Comer On-Boarding Training

    Through the New Comer On-Boarding Training camp, new comers are able to know about and get familiar with Holpe, recognize and identify the values and culture of Holpe, and form a sense of belonging. Through the training, the new employees can be cultivated with professional consciousness and skills and teamwork spirit through their first-hand experience of the performance-oriented culture of Holpe. Moreover, through such training, new employees may acquaint themselves with the strategy and management of Holpe Group, learn from the manager's successful experience, establish their ambitions working hard for Holpe career, so as to grow faster and better on the stage of Holpe.

    Holpe Management Trainee Recruitment Program

    The Holpe Management Trainee Recruitment Program is targeting at fresh university graduates or graduates with 1-2 years working experience.  Through proper positioning, guidance, and career development, these people will become the management staff of Holpe in the future. The main purpose of this training is to train junior level management. The objective of this Program aims to achieve organizational renewal, and to infuse the Company with fresh talents to meet its fast expansion.

    The management trainee program lasts for one year. The candidates will receive comprehensive cross-departmental training and on-job practice.  After the pre-job training, the Company assigns to each graduate a mentor who is department manager or a senior employee. The mentor will develop a set of Growth Plan for each graduate and provide continuous counseling to help them successfully achieve the identity transition from campus" to sociality.  Extensive training courses and flexible teaching methods will enable graduates to become familiar with the Company's culture and atmosphere as soon as possible and blend in with the large family of Holpe. All trainings will be carefully designed specific to each individual's situation and will be supervised by relevant departments and the human resources department.

  • Junior/Intermediate/Senior Post Training Certification

    In accordance with the Group's strategic human resources management, a post qualification certification system covering all posts has been established centering around the corporate strategy and post qualifications, whose objectives include: promoting employment with certificates holistically to achieve human-post matching and dynamic management; encouraging employees to improve their service skills and service levels; establishing occupational channels for the professional development of employees; gradually implementing the service skill rating system which relates training, assessment, employment to salary adjustment; applying incentive measures for employees with high service skills and levels to stimulate employee career development and improvement organizational effectiveness. The post certification training system includes a technology certification training system, a sales certification training system, and a special certification training system.  The certification training system consists of three levels: junior, intermediate, and senior, and the sales certification training system consists of two levels.

  • Front-line management improvement class

    The front-line management improvement class (store manager training class) is the incubator base for the Company's basic core staff. Since the Company started the class in 2005, there have been 36 classes of trainees have successfully graduated. Most of them are now in management posts of the Company's chain stores. This Program provides a talent pool for the standardized, normalized normal production and operation.

  • Intermediate and Senior Management Leadership Development Program

    Holpe Excellence Program "Intermediate and Senior Management Leadership Development Program" creates the "Huangpu Military Academy" for professional managers, which provides high-end talents for the Company's nationwide strategic expansion. Through the Talent Evaluation Center, Holpe selects talents with excellent performance, strong learning ability, being good at thinking, and with development potential into the Program to serve as the reserve of superior management. This Program implements the systematic curriculum system by two channels emphasizing "leadership" and "professional competence". In addition, this Program aims to continuously optimize the pool of talents, select managers based on competence, and create a state of training hunger and an organizational atmosphere of using the superior and outstanding individuals by employing the 360-degree assessment and leadership assessment based on action and competency requirements.

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