Intelligent Technology

As the motive behind the upgrading of enterprises, science and technology have always been the sources of innovation in the transformation of Holpe. With IT technology as its support; big data, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence as its major breakthrough points; strong design innovation and research and development capabilities as the booster; and relying on its advantage in business management, Holpe, in its clear development strategy of new retail platform, has devoted great effort to technical research and development; carried out research and innovation in B2B, B2C, supply chain management and other fields; opened up the O2O omni-channel architecture system and has formed a high-end smart-linking information flow carrier. Plentiful achievements have been gained in the new layout of vertical ecological platform industrial chain which improves the integrated O2O development.

Holpe Group has teamed up with Tencent Cloud, Jingdong Technology and so on, which has provided a strong technical support for the implementation of the new retail business. Meanwhile, it will actively cooperate with BATJ, scientific research institutes, and famous universities to boost the overall development of the Group's business sectors under the guidance of leading thinking "Technology drives business development". As a new retail technology solution expert, it is bound to make its own efforts and contributions in pushing the transformation of China's retail industry!

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